When you undergo breast reduction surgery in Vancouver BC, it is best to be prepared for the recovery period to follow. This procedure removes glandular breast tissue, fat, and skin, reducing the weight of the breasts. Since the procedure is invasive and involves tissue alteration, downtime is required for proper healing. Following directions properly during recovery preserves the quality of the results while helping avoid healing-related complications.

One Week Post-Op

Right after your breast reduction surgery, your chest will be wrapped with bandages. Instructions will be given for taking care of the bandage and dressings. You will wear a surgical bra to help minimize swelling.

There will be bruising, soreness, and pain for several days. You will be given pain medications to alleviate the discomfort, which you will feel mainly around the breasts and your sides.

It is best to take a week or more off from work so you can recover fully. Sleep on your back for two to three weeks to avoid putting pressure on the treated area. You are also encouraged to walk around to promote good circulation.

One Month After Surgery

You may be able to get back to your social activities at this time. Swelling and bruising will still persist, and you may still be recommended to wear a surgical bra for support. Depending on personal healing times, patients may be able to engage in light exercises. Avoid heavy lifting, sports, and strenuous activities until cleared by your plastic surgeon.

Month Two and Onwards

Swelling may be significantly reduced, allowing you to start to see the final results of the surgery. There will also be significant relief from back or shoulder pain previously caused by overly large breasts.

You can slowly ease back into your normal exercise routines. However, you should still listen to your body; if there is pain or discomfort, that is a good sign to stop the activity. Otherwise, it can cause complications such as incisions reopening.


There will be post-surgical marks due to the incisions, but with proper care, you can limit widening your incisions to avoid visible scarring. With the expertise of our plastic surgeon, the incisions are as minimal as possible and will be made along natural creases to keep them hidden. Any visible post-surgical marks will fade over time.

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