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Breast reduction surgery can provide relief to women who may be experiencing muscle pain or other physical issues as a result of their large breasts. The procedure is also a great choice for women who want smaller and shapelier breasts. Our expert plastic surgeons can provide you with beautiful results from your breast reduction in Vancouver, BC.

Doctor with measure tape measuring the size of the patient's breast.Breast Reduction Candidates

Breast reduction surgery removes excess breast tissue and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion with your body and to alleviate the many symptoms associated with overly large breasts. These may include neck, back, and shoulder pain, bra strap grooving, breast crease irritation, and difficulty finding garments that fit comfortably.

Having excessively large breasts can make exercising difficult and may draw unwanted attention making one feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in social situations.

Your Breast Reduction Consultation

Dr. Seal would be happy to discuss the surgery in more detail with you and help decide if breast reduction surgery is a good option to help you address the concerns you have relating to your breasts, and help you achieve all of your individual functional and aesthetic goals. Dr. Seal’s goal is to have you feeling great about the way your breasts look and feel so you can enjoy life to its fullest.

Learn More About Breast Reduction

Take a look at the photo gallery for some before and after examples, to see how breast reduction surgery can make a difference in your breast appearance and overall health. To take the next step, request a consultation with Dr. Seal, or call our office at (604) 569-2895 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you learn more about the procedure on the road to achieving all of your functional and aesthetic goals.

Dr. Seal did my breast reduction and I genuinely couldn’t be happier. Being very young (20) I was really nervous but he was so great at explaining everything and making me super comfortable from start to finish. I went from a size 32 N down to a 32 DD and am beyond overjoyed with the results. He really took the time to walk me through the entire procedure and make me comfortable with everything. The surgery went amazing, he was so good with all the after care with thorough instructions and answering every single question I could imagine, and every follow up appointment went amazingly. Just days after surgery I was walking around easily, and by one month post op I was back in the gym lifting weights and feeling the difference already. I’m now 6 months post-op and still can’t get over how great of a job he did, my scars are all flat and hardly noticeable, and the shape is absolutely incredible; I still can’t get over how life changing and positive this whole process has been. My back and neck pain are gone, I can exercise so easily now, I can sleep comfortably, I no longer need costume bras, and I’ve never felt better about myself all thanks to Dr. Seal. You can tell he really cares about his patients and I am beyond grateful to have had him as my surgeon.
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Breast Reduction Considerations

Breast reduction surgery removes excess breast tissue and skin from the breast and tightens the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the breast contour, improving the position and shape of the breasts. This allows the breasts to be smaller and more proportional to your body while making them lighter and firmer to help with their appearance and feel.

There are several techniques that can be used to perform a breast reduction successfully, and Dr. Seal would be happy to discuss these with you, and which ones may be possible depending on your breast size and overall goals

Other Options

Areola reduction and elevating the nipple position are commonly a component of breast reduction. This is done to ensure the breasts have a natural and attractive appearance.

A breast reduction and lift are also commonly performed together for overall better aesthetic results. Once the breast tissue is removed, the remaining breast tissue

One of Dr. Seal’s goals for your breast surgery is to make your incisions as unnoticeable as possible. The surgery cannot be done without creating some scars on the breast. These are strategically placed to help hide them as best as possible and continue to fade over the first year after your surgery. All of the important things you can do to help optimize your incision and results are reviewed during your follow-up visits.

Your Breast Reduction will be performed in Dr. Alex Seal’s office located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Breast Reduction Before and After Results
Breast Reduction Before and After Results

View Breast Reduction Gallery

What to expect during your recovery

Breast Reduction Surgery is generally performed as an outpatient procedure at any one of the hospitals Dr. Seal operates at. You will be able to go home after the procedure to relax and recover.

In general, most women recover well over the first week, and we provide you with all the medication and supplies to help you through this process. When thinking about time off work, or away from social commitments, 2 weeks can be a safer window of downtime. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise should be avoided for 4 weeks.

Dr. Seal will see you in the office over the recovery period to review all of the important information with you and ensure you are doing well.

Muscular woman's body in white lingerieBreast Reduction Results

The final results of your breast reduction surgery will appear gradually over the first few months as the breast tissue settles into the correct position and the swelling subsides. The incisions continue to fade over the first year, and all of the important things you can do to help optimize your results are reviewed during your follow-up visits.

The Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery

The cost of breast reduction surgery in Vancouver varies as each procedure is personalized to suit the specific needs of each individual client and provide them with results that satisfy their needs. We do offer financing options for patients to help them pay for their breast reduction procedure

Schedule a Consultation
Contact our plastic and reconstructive surgery office today to schedule a consultation for your breast reduction in Vancouver, BC. Dr. Seal is a highly skilled plastic surgeon and can use his skills and experience to provide you with beautiful and natural-looking results from your breast reduction.

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