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Welcome to the practice of Dr. Alex Seal, located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. Dr. Seal is a Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) Certified Plastic Surgeon, and along with his team, is committed to helping you achieve all of your individual aesthetic and functional goals. Dr. Seal takes pride in providing the highest quality of care with a detailed initial assessment, honest recommendations, meticulous surgery, and attentive care through your recovery. The focus of his practice is personalized care with beautiful results, and this is achieved with a commitment to safety through the entire process.

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LaBratory is a Bra and Lingerie company scientifically creating beautiful bras. The first area of focus for LaBratory has been to design bras specifically for women who have had breast surgery, and this is under the label Surgical Couture. Dr. Seal and his patients have been involved in the design and creation of these bras.

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138 Davie Street

Vancouver, BC V6Z 2V4


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