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Abdominal contouring surgery focuses on tighten the abdominal musculature and creating a more defined abdomen with a slim contour. This helps to restore a fit and healthy look and feel. Despite the best efforts to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle, our desire for a flat and toned stomach can be difficult to achieve. Pregnancy, changes in skin elasticity, and our own genetics can all greatly influence how our bodies respond to changes over time, and the abdomen is one area that can be particularly susceptible to change. It can be common for the abdominal muscles to stretch, creating a loose look and feel to the body. This can happen without the accumulation of excess skin and fat and can be very difficult to address with regular exercise. In addition, it can make exercise less comfortable because of the lack of mid-line support, as well as, create a sense of fullness with each meal. The goals of focused abdominal contouring surgery are to tighten the abdomen to help restore a lean and toned appearance creating a healthy and fit look and feel.

Take a look at the photo gallery for some before and after examples, to see how abdominal contouring surgery can make a great difference in the way you look and feel. To take the next step, request a consultation with Dr. Seal, or call our office at (604) 569-2895 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you identify what your options may be on the road to achieving all of your aesthetic goals.

Abdominal Contouring Considerations

In general, abdominal contouring surgery does not involve the removal of a large amount of skin or fat from the abdomen. The focus is on tightening the abdominal musculature that can be stretched and out-of-position, most commonly from the effects of pregnancy. Pregnancy, changes in skin elasticity, and our own genetics can all greatly influence how our bodies respond to changes over time, and the abdomen is one area that can be particularly susceptible to this. The procedure may involve the removal of some skin and fat from the lower abdomen, similar to a tummy tuck, or Abdominoplasty, and may also incorporate some Liposuction to help contour the waist line.

Optimizing your lifestyle is important before considering abdominal contouring surgery. Having a balance of a healthy, nutritious diet, together with a consistent, sustainable exercise program is key to this process. As well, smoking should be stopped before considering surgery, as this can greatly increase risks around the procedure. These lifestyle commitments help to ease the recovery period and ensure that you have beautiful long lasting results.

In general, the surgery involves making an incision across the lower abdomen to visualize and repair the weakened abdominal muscles. For more focused abdominal contouring surgery, the length of the incision is shorter compared to a full tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty. One of Dr. Seal’s goals for your abdominal contouring surgery, is to make your incisions as unnoticeable as possible. At the time of your surgery, you are encouraged to bring a favorite bikini bottom or type of underwear to ensure your scar can be hidden below where this covers. The surgery cannot be done without making some incisions, however, these are strategically placed to help hide them as best as possible, and continue to fade over the first year after your surgery. All of the important scar management modalities that you can do to help optimize your incision and results are reviewed during your follow-up visits.

Abdominal Countouring Photo Gallery

What to expect during your recovery

Abdominal Contouring Surgery is generally performed as an outpatient procedure at a private surgical facility. You will be able to go home after the procedure to relax and recover. In general, most patients recover well over the first 2 week, and we provide you with all the medication and supplies to help you through this process. When thinking about time off work, or away from social commitments, 2-3 weeks is usually a safe window of down time. During the recovery time, you will wear a compression garment under your clothes to help minimize swelling and provide support to your abdomen. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise should be avoided for 4 weeks to prevent strain on the abdominal wall. Dr. Seal will see you in the office over the recovery period to review all of the important information with you and ensure you are doing well. There are often drains used in the first 3 days to help minimize the chance of fluid accumulating. These are removed in the office and appropriate drain care instructions are provided. The final results can appear gradually over the first few months. The incisions continue to fade over the first year, and all of the important things you can do to help optimize your results are reviewed during your follow-up visits.

Abdominal contouring can truly be transforming for both the appearance of your abdomen, as well as, from a functional point of view. Most patients love their new, slimmer, flatter stomach, with a better toned and contoured waist line. This can make clothes feel and look better, and make daily life, as well as, exercise more comfortable and enjoyable.

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