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A breast lift is also known as a mastopexy, and is an excellent procedure to help recreate the appearance and feel of a youthful breast. Gravity is affecting all of us as we age, as well as the fact that pregnancy, breast feeding, change in skin elasticity, and weight loss can all greatly influence the appearance of your breast. Despite the best efforts to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle, there are some elements to our bodies that we are unable to change. A breast lift removes excess skin from the breast and tightens the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the breast contour, restoring a youthful look in proportion with your body, and this can help rejuvenate your figure with a youthful, firmer, uplifted breast. When desired, this often involves reducing the size of the areola, as this can become stretched over time with the effects of pregnancy and breast feeding.

I was always unhappy with how my breasts had developed naturally. Dr. Seal was very kind and worked to understand what I wanted out of surgery. He was accommodating, answered any questions and concerns I had along the way, and ended up exceeding my expectations in terms of the results I ended up with. Absolutely thrilled with how everything went – from the initial consultation to the final result, my experience was always amazing. Can’t recommend enough.
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Breast Lift Considerations

A breast lift removes excess skin from the breast and tightens the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the breast contour improving the position and shape of the breasts. There are several techniques that can be used to perform a breast lift successfully, and Dr. Seal would be happy to discuss these with you, and which ones may be possible depending on your breast appearance and overall goals. While some places may offer a “non-surgical breast lift” option, a breast lift without surgery cannot provide the same level of results that a normal breast lift can.

One of Dr. Seal’s goals for your breast surgery is to make your incisions as unnoticeable as possible. The surgery cannot be done without creating some scars on the breast. These are strategically placed to help hide them as best as possible, and continue to fade over the first year after your surgery. All of the important things you can do to help optimize your incisions and results are reviewed during your follow-up visits.

Your Breast Lift will be performed in Dr. Alex Seal’s office located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Breast Lift Before and After Results
Breast Lift Before and After Results

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What to expect during your recovery

Breast Lift surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure at a private surgical facility. You will be able to go home after the procedure to relax and recover. In general, most women recover well over the first week, and we provide you with all the medication and supplies to help you through this process. When thinking about time off work, or away from social commitments, 1 week is usually a safe window of down time. You will have some comfort garments provided to help you through the recovery period, and transition into a supportive bra in the first 1-2 weeks. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise should be avoided for 4 weeks.

Dr. Seal will see you in the office over the recovery period to review all the important information with you and ensure you are doing well. The final results can appear gradually over the first few months. The incisions continue to fade over the first year, and all the important things you can do to help optimize your results are reviewed during your follow-up visits.

Combining Breast Enhancement Procedures

When there is both a desire to lift the breast and increase the fullness, this is commonly combined with a breast augmentation to achieve these goals. This is often referred to as a breast lift with implants or a breast lift and augmentation. Dr. Seal would be happy to discuss the details of these procedures with you and help you decide if a breast augmentation with lift or breast lift without implants may be right for you to achieve your individual aesthetic breast goals. A breast reduction and lift is another common combination that can endure the breasts have an attractive shape and are well-positioned on the chest.

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Take a look at the photo gallery for some before and after examples, to see how breast lift surgery can enhance your breast appearance. To take the next step, request a consultation with Dr. Seal, or call our office at (604) 569-2895 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Seal can address any questions you may have about the procedure, the cost of surgery, and financing options available to you. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you learn more about the procedure on the road to achieving all of your aesthetic goals.

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