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“I just wanted to thank you and Dr Seal !

You are a great team and I appreciate everything you have done .You made the whole process so simple and i felt entirely safe . I am so happy we found your office for this journey ! Dr Seal and you were very professional ,supportive and in the end felt like we knew you a life time with our many visits.”

“It’s been almost 4 years since Dr. Alex Seal did my breast augmentation, and I still feel like it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made for my confidence. He did an incredible job, and I have received nothing but compliments.

He allowed me to bring home 3 different pairs of implant sizers to put in a sports bra and try on with different clothing. He was so extremely patient with my decision making process.

The care I received from the team was phenomenal. When I woke up, one of the nurses asked me if I wanted to look down and see my “investment”, as I had forgotten why I was there haha. Realizing that this time, having breasts wasn’t just a dream, I was so excited!

Thank you Dr. Alex Seal for changing my life more than I could ever express. I feel like a new woman, and I thought the honeymoon phase of having them would wear off, but 4 years later and I’m still just as ecstatic!

Highly, highly recommend Dr. Alex Seal and his team!” Shannon L

“Dear Doctor Seal, I feel very lucky to have found you. Everything went really well and with less discomfort than I expected.”

“Dear Dr. Seal, Thank you for everything. We wish you much success in your career. You have a wonderful talent. May it bring you and those you serve much happiness.”

“Dr. Seal & Kaye, Thank you for your stellar expertise & wonderful care. I love my results… The surgery has had such a positive effect on my life! with sincerest gratitude.”

“Thank you so much for all your hard work + expertise in getting my finger back in full working order. It feels great.”

“Thank you so much for your service – I was so nervous but you made me so comfortable! I couldn’t be happier!! You are fantastic!”

“I’m sure you hear this all the time, but you truly have changed my life. Thank you so much. I can’t begin to expres my gratitude. I hope this little gift fits in with your collection”

“Thank you for all your thoughtfulness and caring through my operations and follow up care.”

“Thanks for being my personal Plastic Surgeon.
You’re the Best.” A

“A huge thank you to you and your team!! Dr Seal your smile and understanding is invaluable to me, you are one in a million!!”

“Dr Seal, We wanted to say thank you so much for taking on N’s case so quickly and for the fabulous care and attention you have given him. It has made a difference to his outlook and spirit. Enjoy the holiday season.” J, D & N

“We,re sending you a little wish filled with warmth, comfort, and good cheer for a joyous holiday season. Thanks for fixing me!” The A

“Dear Dr. Seal, Thank you for helping me with this challenge. Warm Regads” J

“To Alex, Wishing you the best Christmas ever! & a very happy New Year! Thanks for all your encouragement & support this year. You have made what could have been a difficult process much easier & I really appreciate all you do for me! All the best in 2013 – Cheers,” H

“Dr Seal, Just want to say thank you and wish you a lovely and blessed Christmas. God bless.” Y.S.

“Alex, Thank you for everything. I was very nervous coming into my first appointment and you quickly put my mind at ease. From start to finish you were a caring and patient and I could not be happier with the outcome! Thank you :)”

“Alex, I know how stressful it can be operating on a colleague. You took that in stride and did a great job! Thank you so much!”

“Dr Seal, Just a very small thank you for a BIG change for me! I love the results! Your friendly, positive, knowledgeable “bedside” manner are wonderful! Thank you!” Jill

“Thank you Dr. Seal,
Little did I know when I met you, how much you would change my life. Over 300 lbs., and you saw me and the potential I could become. you deserve so very much for your amazing talent & care. Thank you. ” Forever grateful.

“Thank you Dr. Seal …For everything!
Dear Dr. Seal, thank you so much for your care. The physician who removed the stitches commented on the high quality of your work.
Happy Holidays!” Anonymous.

“To Dr. Seal,
Wishing you all the gifts of the season. Thank you for sharing your skill and expertise.
Wishing you and you family all the best for Christmas and the New Year.” L. Dec. 3/13.

“To Alex,
Wishing you the best Christmas ever!
Thank you for being the best doctor ever! I always feel like I am in good hands – have a very Merry Christmas all the best in 2014! Cheers” Anonymous.

Dr Seal is an artist! He’s work looking good since DAY 1. He listen to my goal and guide me to my right size, for my result, I couldn’t be happier.His level of skills and kindness are beyond amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better surgeon. I recommend him 100% to anyone looking to get a BA.

I’m 29, with children. I’ve considered having a ba for a very long time, probably since I was 18! I finally was at a point financially to afford the procedure and I didn’t waste any time. I decided to go with Dr. Seal based on his amazing reviews. Very happy with the ps I chose. Dr. Seal made the whole experience comfortable, exciting and stress-free. Extremely happy with my results!

Dr. Seal and his staff have been so wonderfully kind and accommodating. From the lovely ladies in the office, Jennifer and Jenna, to the excellent care at the surgical centre, I am thoroughly impressed. Dr. Seal has taken the time with me to make sure I was confident with my decision, and I never felt rushed or pressured. His level of skill and KINDNESS I feel is hard to come by in the cosmetic surgery world. He truly cares about his patients, and I HIGHLY recommend.

My experience with Dr. Seal was fantastic. Like everyone has mentioned, his bedside manner makes you feel comfortable and at ease. If I had any questions pre or post op he was quick to answer and always offered for me to come in to take a better look. He helps guide you to the right size without telling you what you should get, making sure to listen to your goals for your end result. The results themselves I couldn’t be happier. From day one they looked fantastic and keep getting better. The private clinic was great as well, with extremely friendly nurses that were very accommodating. A couple of my friends went to him too and had great experiences and I recommend him 150% to anyone looking to get a BA. His front staff are wonderful too, very helpful always excited to see you. Overall, great surgeon, great results – go see him!

Couldn’t ask for a better PS!

Dr Seal has been beyond amazing. I am so happy with his work, he has done a really great job. Further to that, it has been such a personal experience. Not once did I deal with a nurse instead of my surgeon. He spent two full hour long appointments with me answering ALL the questions, and I had a lot.. Never once was I unsatisfied with the interactions I had with Dr Seal. I would recommend him a thousand times over. Thank you for giving me a better result than I could have hoped for.

Dr. Seal is amazing! I knew from the moment I met him I could trust him as he seemed knowledgeable and was honest with what was required to give me my desired result. I am an extremely cautious person and don’t easily put my trust in people but after my initial consult I felt so comfortable I cancelled my second opinion consult with another doctor. He knew what my goal look was and we achieved that. Followed up with me post surgery and was continuously kind and professional. I couldn’t be happier! You can’t go wrong choosing Dr. Seal.

So I was referred to Dr. Seal by a girlfriend. He has been very professional and knowledgeable. Right away.. I felt that he was my PS! He’ll recommend only what is best for your body. I’m very pleased with my overall experience! Everyone who was apart of my experience.. the anesthesiologist, nurses and MOA were amazing!

What a transformation…I had almost forgotten what the “before” was like! Thank you again for this, and for everything else – it is truly appreciated, and I couldn’t be happier!

I went to see Dr. Seal in October 2014 to inquire about a cosmetic surgery procedure. At 62 years old I hated looking in the mirror because of my wrinkly, sagging neck. Dr. Seal was thorough, professional and made me feel very comfortable and under no pressure at all. I ended up having a lower face lift and neck lift in December. The surgery went smoothly and follow up care was excellent. I am extremely happy with the results and would not hesitate to have another procedure done by Dr. Seal. The office staff and surgical room staff were also very pleasant and professional.

“Dr. Seal did an exceptional job, and I highly recommend him. I feel privileged to have had such extraordinary work done, and to have received such incredible care. I went in with a mass on my wrist that was affecting my mobility, and he provided a thorough, knowledgeable assessment of the condition and the options, which gave the feeling of comfort and security from making an informed decision. Though the mass was under an artery, and could potentially have left me with permanent damage, his patient and competent approach meant that I had full confidence and peace of mind about the procedure. I can’t say enough about the care I received during the surgery itself by hospital staff, the anesthesiologist and Dr. Seal. After that, in the following weeks, he met with me several times, answered all of my questions, and made sure I was set up for a full recovery with information and exercises. Throughout, his assistant was kind and helpful, answering my questions and accommodating my schedule. I feel grateful and lucky to have had his help.”

“I had lost a lot of volume in my breasts from exercise. I love my athletic body, but my breasts were very flat. Now, six weeks post-op, they look awesome! I could not be happier with the results of my breast augmentation. Dr Seal did an amazing job: he is extremely professional, honest and caring. The incisions are hidden and done perfectly. Dr Seal understood my athletic lifestyle and was able to provide guidance and care with that in mind. This was so important to me. With his help, and two sizing appointments, I was able to find the perfect implant size for my body. He was great during the recovery period as well. I was anxious to start moving again, but he gave me a realistic recovery plan that included a timeline of when I could resume specific activities. I would highly recommend Dr Seal. I felt so comfortable throughout the whole process and I am absolutely thrilled with the results!”

“Dr. Seal was my plastic surgeon for the “mommy makeover”. He was amazing. Excellent bedside manner, answered all my questions and really spent the time I needed to feel comfortable with the procedure. He was very helpful after my surgery, made himself available if I needed him and he really went that extra mile by providing me with his personal cell number. I stayed over night at the private clinic where my surgery took place. You couldn’t ask for better care and the nursing staff went above and beyond. I would highly recommend Dr. Seal. His staff are so helpful and available and he is one of the best doctor’s I’ve worked with.”

“I highly recommend this doctor. He is a talented surgeon and my results were beyond expectations. He is a caring and reassuring and very humble. I felt like he took the time to meet with me, discuss things prior to surgery, and was well prepared going into surgery. I felt I was in great hands and I was. He was available to me at all times after my surgery and I felt well taken care of. My results were exceptional. I had a tummy tuck and I now have the stomach of a 20 year old. It looks better than it did in my 20s. I have nothing but high praise for this doctor and his staff. Highly highly recommend.”

Three months ago, at age 61, I had breast reduction surgery performed by Dr. Seal. As much as I wanted this procedure (for years), the thought of it was daunting. In spite of this, Dr. Seal kindly and patiently helped me through the decision making process clearly answering my questions without any pressure to proceed. Since having my surgery, there hasn’t been a moment’s regret as the results are fantastic! Not only do I look better; I am pain free, more physically active and overall, happy to have a higher energy level. Dr. Seal is an excellent surgeon who is personable and considerate. His post-surgery care and follow up has been exceptional. I found Kaye and Jenn, the office team, to be a wonderful blend of friendly, professional and supportive. I highly recommend Dr. Seal and am immensely grateful for his care.”

I had a breast reduction surgery with Dr Seal and have only great things to say. First off the office staff (Kaye and Jennifer) are so genuinely nice and helpful. They really go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and reiterate that you are not going through this alone and to call at any time with any questions…which i did! I had several questions along the way and they returned my calls immediately and/or got input from Dr Seal when needed. As for Dr Seal himself, he was professional but very kind, approachable and open to answering my numerous questions. I had two pre-op appointments because I had a long list of questions and he took the necessary time to answer all of them. His work was impeccable and I had no swelling or bruising which really surprised me. The surgery staff that worked with him were all incredible. One thing I suggest though is that people do their homework! I felt well informed by Dr Seal but what I found most useful was doing my research and then going to him with my questions. We can’t expect doctors to read our minds or understand our personal perspectives/concerns/apprehensions. When it comes to something so personal, informing yourself through as many means as possible then confirming your information with your doctor is your best tool.

Fabulous knowledgeable doctor and I have ahead amazing results with his fine work.

WOW!!! I didn’t realize how much of a difference in my appearance until I saw these before and after pics! Great work, Dr. Seal. I’m so happy I had this surgery.

I highly recommend Dr. Seal to anyone looking for a caring, professional, capable surgeon with excellent bedside manner. I had elective cosmetic surgery and was very nervous, but he made me feel more than comfortable. He talked me through the entire procedure and made me feel like I was chatting with an old friend rather than being operated on. If I ever need any other surgery that he could help me with, I’d go back in a heartbeat. Kay is lovely as well and makes you feel so comfortable and welcomed. I can’t speak any more highly of my experience, and am truly grateful that I found Dr. Seal.

If you are looking on here to find a good Dr and have Dr Alex Seal is on the list, i would just go ahead and book him. Since i was 11 years old i have been playing guitar and one morning a year and half ago I woke up with a finger on my left hand that was “stuck”. I had to put it under hot water and massage it to get it to work every morning. After putting up with this morning ritual for well over a year i went to my GP. He recommended Dr Seal to look at my hand because of my guitar playing and said we cant take a chance, we need the best to look at it. To make a long story short, my hand is as good as new and i have no issues at all with it. His demeanour is warm, polite, professional and you feel totally comfortable with him as if he is in your circle of friends. he also knows what he is doing bar none! Highly recommended! In fact now i am considering going for a face lift with him. If i could rate him out of ten he would be a twenty.

Dr. Seal is an excellent plastic surgeon. I took my mother in for a mass removal and his demeanor, knowledge, and ability to communicate with her put her completely at ease. He clearly articulated the risks and his recommendation with the facts so we could make an informed decision. The consultation, procedure, and post-surgical care were extraordinary. There were no complications and his work was immaculate. Dr. Seal is exceptionally caring and competent, the perfect combination for a surgeon! Kaye, Dr. Seal’s assistant was thoughtful, efficient, and charming. Overall I could not ask for a better doctor or customer service for my mother in this situation. I am grateful to have found him and to have had him help her. I would strongly recommend him as a professional who takes great care and pride in his work.

“Good evening Dr. Seal,

I believe it has been about three months since you so expertly removed the “bump” from my forehead.

I just wanted to follow up and let you know that it has healed wonderfully, basically without a trace.

I can’t thank you enough for the level of care and professionalism you exhibited throughout the entire process.”

“Before my surgery (breast lift & tummy tuck), Dr. Seal was thorough, patient, kind, easy-to-talk-to, and never in a rush to get to his next patient/task. He answered all of my many questions with detailed, straightforward responses — even making himself available by phone + email as I travel for work. At my surgery, Dr. Seal was reassuring, and explained everything we wanted to know. (Even the post-op nurses said how ‘special’ he is compared to other doctors – more personally connected.) All of my follow-up visits were the same, with Dr. Seal providing exceptional service. Now, my results are outstanding! More than I could have hoped for. He is truly a gifted surgeon. Through the whole experience, his receptionist, Kaye, echoed the same: she is available, approachable, warm, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. She keeps a tight ship, ensuring efficiency of service, and is accommodating and flexible. She is an excellent representative of Dr. Seal’s practice, and just a lovely woman.”

“Dr Seal is fantastic! I recently underwent a mini-abdominoplasty along with some liposuction and my experience has been stellar. Although it is still early in my recovery, so far I’m extremely happy with the results. The follow up has been excellent as well. Upon my first meeting with Dr Seal, I was immediately struck by his expertise and relaxed, friendly bedside manner. Following my surgery, I unfortunately experienced a lot of nausea from the pain medications but I was able to contact him personally–over the weekend–and he prescribed new medication as well as offered to meet me at the hospital if necessary (it wasn’t necessary, thankfully). It was a huge relief being able to contact him directly and he did not make me feel as though I was disturbing him in any way. It is also important to add that his MOA Kaye is an absolute doll! Extremely friendly and efficient. There is literally not one thing I would change about my experience! Dr Seal and Kaye run a wonderful practice.”

“I saw Dr. Seal for elective cosmetic surgery. I was very nervous about the whole process and procedure, but Dr. Seal and Kaye Watson at the front desk made me feel comfortable and at ease. From the initial consultation all the way through to the follow up I was well taken care of, and all my questions and concerns were thoroughly addressed. I never felt pressured into making a decision or booking a date as soon as possible; everything was catered to my comfort level. I had consulted with one other doctor prior to meeting with Dr. Seal and there was a notable difference in the time and care taken with discussing the procedure, my options and taking measurements. I can’t say enough about how positive the experience was, and I am very pleased with my results. I highly recommend Dr. Seal.”

“Dr. Seal is a gifted and caring physician. I initially saw Dr. Seal in Whistler to have a growth removed from my face. His level of care is phenomenal from the initial visit to complete follow up care. He listens carefully to any questions you might have and explains procedures completely. There is no scar on my face. I knew Dr. Seal would be the surgeon to see after losing over 150 pounds and needing skin removal surgery. What a talented and knowledgeable man, I am so thrilled with the results. Also, thank you to Kay at the front reception, also part of Dr. Seal’s caring team. I highly recommend this surgeon for any medical concerns you might have.”

“I wanted to write and say thank you for everything you have done for me. I know the added liposuction will make me feel that much better but just in case I forget to tell you, your care for me during and after the surgery really made a difference in my life and healing. You are a great doctor and a really nice guy. Thank you. – A”

“Dr Seal recently removed a growth from my hand. He was excellent from beginning to end. He made sure everything was done before hand, ultra-sound, MRI, then we proceeded to together to have it removed. very kind, caring, understanding, and he makes you feel like he’s taking his time and giving you all the info you need. also Kay, his receptionist is AWESOME!!!”

“Calm, friendly, on time, good bedside manner, excellent work.”

“I chose to have elective cosmetic surgery with Dr. Seal. I was nervous about doing it but Dr. Seal explained everything thoroughly, did not rush me to a decision and gave freely of his time before and after the surgery. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I would strongly recommend this doctor – he is kind, caring, knowledgeable and takes pride in his work. Loved Kaye too – she was supportive and friendly and efficient.”

“This is a one in a million surgeon. He is not a scalpel happy surgeon but will try to remedy the problem the easy way first and see if things improve before doing surgery. You never feel rushed and all of my questions were answered. Also his staff ,especially Kay are wonderful, friendly and most helpful and accommodating. The sign of a great boss. Would highly recommend this Surgeon!!” Betty

“Just had biopsy done by Dr Seal and he made the entire procedure stress-free. Excellent bedside manner, very thorough in explaining the process and has a great sense of humour.”

“Dr.Seal made me feel comfortable and he explained everything in detail. I will have any treatment I need done by him and only him, I trusted him from the very first appointment. I even have been referring friends to him. Don’t hesitate book with Dr. Alex seal.” T.

“I have had a couple of consultations and Dr Seal has performed 2 surgeries. He is very professional, always on time, friendly, and goes out of his way to explain everything he is doing.”

“I can not give higher praise to Dr. Alex Seal. He has a warm, professional bedside manner and his attention, patience, and communication skills were excellent. I wish all doctors were this good. He was on time and thorough, yet I never felt rushed. He answered all of my (many) questions clearly and in a way that I felt cared for and supported. Many doctors seem to answer, but never check that they are understood, but this is not the case with Dr. Seal. His support staff were helpful, and professional. I am extremely satisfied with the results of his services. Overall, this was the best experience I’ve had dealing with the medical profession. Thank you Dr. Seal.”

“Dr Alex Seal and his assistance Kay Watson both go above and beyond. Their smiling faces and kindness will not be forgotten.”

“I cannot recommend Dr. Seal highly enough. I’ve been treated by any number of specialists in my life and he is among the finest I’ve encountered. Excellent patient educator, willing to listen to and respond to all questions and concerns, thorough follow-up after treatment, and totally satisfied with the results of surgery. An “A+” medical experience, including all interactions with his office support staff, who are equally helpful, courteous and respectful.”

“Dr. Seal is a caring and considerate surgeon with good bedside manner. He was on time and efficient but not rushed. He takes the time to answer questions and communicates well with his staff and patients. I had minor hand surgery done with Dr. Seal at St. Paul’s. He kept it as minimally invasive as possible so that recovery was quick so I can return to work soon.”

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