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Hand rejuvenation treatments like dermal filler injections and fat grafting can restore the youthful appearance of your hands. Our hands are one of the most important features we have to interact with our environment. They are also a sign of beauty and health. Plastic Surgeons Dr. Alex Seal and Dr. Adelyn Ho strive to offer the best hand rejuvenation results Vancouver has to offer.

How Aging Affects the Appearance of Your Hands

Over time, the hands can be an early area to demonstrate signs of aging due to sun exposure, the amount we use them every day, and the natural aging process. Some common concerns and areas that are requested to address are:

  • Prominent tendons and bands on the back of the hand.
  • Prominent veins on the back of the hand.
  • Loss of a youthful, fullness to the hand.
  • Excess loose skin.
  • The development of new skin changes and pigmentation.

Options for Hand Rejuvenation

There are several procedures and techniques that can be used to restore a more youthful appearance to the hands. This may involve the use of non-permanent soft tissue fillers, or micro fat injection, to recreate a healthy fullness to the hand, and minimize the prominence of other structures. As well, the direct removal of new skin changes and moles can help with the rejuvenation.

Dr. Seal would be happy to discuss your concerns and goals relating to the appearance of your hands and help you decide whether a specific type of hand rejuvenation would be a good option to help achieve your individual goals and feel great about the way your hands look and feel.

To learn how these procedures can make a great difference in the way your hands look and feel, request a consultation with Dr. Seal, or call our office at (604) 569-2895 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you learn more about the procedure on the road to achieving all of your aesthetic goals.

Hand Rejuvenation Considerations

Hand rejuvenation procedures can be performed under local anaesthetic. You will be able to go home after the procedure to relax and recover. Most patients recover well over the first week, and should be able to return to all of their regular activities within 3-5 days. There may be some swelling and bruising that can last for several weeks, and because of this, you may wish to ensure you do not have any important social engagements or recreational events around the time of your surgery.

There may be some restrictions from exercise over the first few weeks, depending on what type of rejuvenation you decide to undergo. Dr. Seal will see you in the office over the recovery period to review all of the important information with you and ensure you are doing well.

The Cost of Hand Rejuvenation

The cost of your hand rejuvenation in Vancouver will be based on the type of hand rejuvenation being performed and other factors that our team can go over during your consultation at our office. Financing options are available to help pay for the cost of your hand rejuvenation.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Hand rejuvenation can do wonders for the appearance of your hands and your confidence in the way you look. If you are interested in hand rejuvenation and would like to know more about the options we offer, contact our office today to schedule a consultation for your hand rejuvenation in Vancouver.

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