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If you are unhappy with the wrinkled, saggy, or aged appearance of your brow, a brow lift can help to revitalize the youthful appearance of your face. At our plastic and reconstructive surgery practice, Dr. Alex Seal offers outstanding brow lift results for women and men in Vancouver.

How Aging Affects Your Brow

The effects of aging can sometimes be more localized to the forehead. This can contribute to droopy eyebrows, and deep creases along the forehead. Many patients feel that because of this they look tired, aged and even sad or angry. In this case, a Brow Lift may be all that is required to achieve a beautiful, refreshed and rejuvenated look and feel.

Brow Lift Surgery can be performed alone, or combined with other procedures such as a Facelift, or other Facial Procedures to help achieve a more balanced rejuvenation when there are other areas of the face identified for treatment. Dr. Seal would be happy to discuss your concerns and goals and help you decide whether or not a Brow Lift would be a good option to help achieve your desired refreshed appearance. To take the next step, request a consultation with Dr. Seal, or call our office at (604) 569-2895 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you identify what your options may be on the road to achieving all of your aesthetic and functional goals.


Brow Lift Considerations

Brow Lift Surgery focuses on the drooping brow and deep creases in the forehead. Both women and men often comment that they feel their forehead creates a tired, heavy, or even sad and angry look. A Brow Lift can be a great solution to this. Areas that are commonly treated include:

  • Repositioning a sagging brow that causes hooding over the upper eyelids.
  • Raising the eyebrows to create a refreshed, bright look.
  • Minimize the creases in the forehead.
  • Reducing the appearance of frowning lines between the eyebrows.

Brow Lift Options

The surgery can be performed either endoscopically, or with minimal incisions in the hairline, or natural brow line. Through these incision, the muscles that are contributing to the wrinkles and sagging brow can be tightened. Following this, the excess skin is removed to elevate the brow, and the incisions are closed with fine sutures. One of Dr. Seal’s goals for your Brow Lift, is to make your incisions as unnoticeable as possible. The surgery cannot be done without making some incisions, however, these are strategically placed to help hide them as best as possible, and will continue to fade over the first year after your surgery. All of the important scar management modalities that you can do to help optimize your incision and results are reviewed during your follow-up visits.

Your Brow Lift will be performed in Dr. Alex Seal’s office located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Brow Lift Before and After Results
Brow Lift Before and After Results

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What to expect during your brow lift recovery

Brow Lift Surgery is generally performed as an outpatient procedure at a private surgical facility. You will be able to go home after the procedure to relax and recover. Most patients recover well over the first 2 week, and we provide you with all the medication and supplies to help you through this process. When thinking about time off work, or away from social commitments, 2-to-3 weeks is usually a safe window of downtime. It is common to experience some swelling and bruising after the surgery. During the recovery time, you will wear a forehead ice wrap to help minimize swelling and provide support to your face as it heals. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise should be avoided for 4 weeks to prevent ongoing swelling from the increase in your blood pressure. Dr. Seal will see you in the office over the recovery period to review all of the important information with you and ensure you are doing well. The results can appear gradually over the first month. The incisions continue to fade over the first year, and all of the important things you can do to help optimize your results are reviewed during your follow-up visits.

Brow Lift Results

A Brow Lift can create beautiful results that leave you both looking and feeling great. This is always optimized with a healthy lifestyle.  Patients love their refreshed, rejuvenated look, to help contribute to looking and feeling healthy, youthful and beautiful.

Brow Lift Cost and Payment Options

During your initial consultation, Dr. Seal can let you know what the expected cost of your brow lift in Vancouver will be. Cost can vary based on several factors that can be discussed during your consultation. Our team can also let you know about the financing and payment options we offer.

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A brow lift can help to rejuvenate the appearance of your forehead and give your face an overall more youthful appearance. If you are interested in getting a brow lift in Vancouver and would like to know if you are a good candidate for surgery, contact our office today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Alex Seal is a highly-skilled plastic surgeon who can provide you with natural-looking results from your brow lift in Vancouver.

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